by Christopher Raley


As though submerged, I saw.  And it floated

above me, a black cross unsure of its

vertical axis.


Later, uban light through dirty windows,

it roars over highway like an omen,

then is silent as quickly as it came.


What do we say?  Budgets, numbers, figures

as though office walls are framed by digits,

and faith rapps sheetrock listening for the stud.


Nevermind my childhood just rattled

the glass and shook the desk.  My childhood:

winter after winter of drought.  High clouds


wisp on blue seedling dreams of leaving.

Afternoon: by the time I heard the roar

it was already climbing back to gone.


Office walls and digits cling to firm ground,

but I yearn in the rising

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2 Responses to U-2

  1. I’m way behind reading. Unusual imagery to say the least. Well done.

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