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The Transformation

by Christopher Raley   And he comes to where we inhabit the other side of his transformation.   Now the creature feels for souls who can only touch. He resonates the spheres for ears deaf to God’s geography. His gentle … Continue reading

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Two Street Musicians in San Francisco

by Christopher Raley   The Tourists wait in line around the turntable with the Church on one side and the World on the other. The Church is a black man with dread locks singing songs that one day once were … Continue reading

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San Jacinto

by Christopher Raley   To reach such heights so quickly is heady intoxication as if gravity declined a little the consequence of its law.   Pines whisper certainties above the plummeting flats of desert, those glimpses of dream where a … Continue reading

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Hay Ride

by Christopher Raley   Boys on hay bales for benches, gripping rails, rocking with the wagon, squirming their rapture. Antique tractor sputter eases the anxious quiet.   No prancing horse, no joking driver, no jolly group singing. Parents lull with … Continue reading

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Oracle speaks through plastic and tape on the roads of winter’s heart after summer’s fire. Thelonious: again now tell us of peace you find in misery’s laughter, humiliation’s pride.   But can you speak beauty as bare-skin light of dawn … Continue reading

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