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The Wine Cart

Once upon a time I stood upon an ancient city’s wall by a people made who saw the wooded hills only, who thought perhaps no farther than the next town without a mystery overcame them.   They clutched that command … Continue reading

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The Monologue

It’s late and my words are gone and I’ve nothing to add to anything I’ve said and most of them are gone into some kind of— and here we are, you and I, and we have words and here am … Continue reading

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From Here to the Coast

Narrow road scars high mountains. Green-yellow grass bends with the wind. We’ll never know what lies tucked into the folds of trees.   We cut through the passes that hold themselves strong and wind down sharp into blind ravines then … Continue reading

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Man in Myth

Door closes behind the man where he begins on night’s street. With café’s music muted and friendship like a deck parted for hands dealt in solitude, he walks.  Mist wraps his sight around him, gives him only breath and foot … Continue reading

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