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The Messiah

by Christopher Raley   When he remembers me, does he think of The Messiah? I played it in the van on the way up the ridge to a tree crushed house where the neighbor smoked a cigarette and walked us … Continue reading

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Twisted Tree

by Christopher Raley   I thank the twisted tree whose age I cannot know, whose leaning trunk and twining limbs have endured the headland’s hold   of cursing from the wind, of anger from the wind, of the wind’s betrayal … Continue reading

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In Years of Drought

by Christopher Raley   He looked up from the canyon’s cut, street that dissected church from store, to mountains overwhelming sky, and the landslide shone static down from the granite peaked crown.   He climbed from the river doomed and … Continue reading

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by Christopher Raley   Trees know myth for they speak of the ones before.   Hanging leafy over the highway or sullen and skeletal on the ridge, they remember the dark grove and the new creaking that answered the first … Continue reading

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