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How Many Times the Heroic

by Christopher Raley   How many times the heroic have gone down this road by the same swamp of flat-tufted green and spiking palm, under the same grave yard sky where thunderheads rumble their epitaph, to the same rockets, those … Continue reading

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Hearing John Coltrane

I have listened to this and have not understood, and I have said to him, John, buddy, you’re killing me, and he has said only desperate.   Tonight my son and I are pilgrims in the book store, and John … Continue reading

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The Fairy Tale

And what poetry is here to write where achievement lacks the labors of time and accomplishment the hazard of risk: truly the place where dreams come true.   I slide from scene to scene and no meaning takes me. Over-large … Continue reading

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After Spring

During spring, the hills had flowered and turned green. But when they came down from the mountains, the hills had lost their life to brown waves of heat. The barren valley stretched long under hot wind.   She sat on … Continue reading

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The Numbered

It’s easy to see why they hate us, looking up from the pit to where our mouths consume without tasting, and our eyes receive without knowing.  We build the world on the floor of our amusement.  We watch tiny players … Continue reading

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