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Ondine’s Curse

Inspired by Claude Debussy’s prelude for piano, “Ondine”   But he goes after her, tripping on his shock, and begs from his fear for grace that never will be laid upon him. The curse was cast, and what anger calls … Continue reading

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Nowhere do they go but they take their stars with them wrapped on the sacred screen of mind and produced with conscious hand, eye, pose.   Neither do these stars fall burning where movement and breath sear image to scent. … Continue reading

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Seven Short Poems for my Wife

i. I want to see through your blue eyes to be round, wide, open, unhindered as when we met. You gave me a thousand chances for truth.   ii. Laughter convulses the same as crying.  The two work where no … Continue reading

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by Christopher Raley   1963 was a green Plymouth Valiant he levered from park and pushed to drive through summer’s streets of 1991, strip mall on the left, and on the right giant oaks o’er spread the manicured dead.   … Continue reading

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